Working On It

Today I planned to post a Fiction Friday, but the day had a mind of its own!

Because of Jonathan’s new work schedule (three 10 hour shifts, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) I can have the car on Wednesdays and Fridays for things like grocery shopping and errands; but we have to be in the car (everyone) by 7:55 to drop Jonathan at school.  I makes for a bit of a rushed morning, but it means I’m grocery shopping with the retired folks and a lot of empty aisles.  With a cheesedoodle that likes to wander the aisles saying “ah HA!” and laughing and a mackerdoodle that likes to sing random songs at the top of her lungs, shopping at 8:30 am is a pretty good plan.  I decided to do it this morning at 7 am.

So the morning was a little rushed, and I forgot my shopping list.  Bad move.  Shopping on a pregnant stomach with no list means I came home with all seven things on the list (miraculous, actually), AND several hundred other things *not* on the list.  Not all bad things: grapes, bananas, apples, blue corn tortilla chips because the mackerdoodle loved the idea of blue chips.

So we got home a little later than I had planned, and with restless kids, and morning too cold to play outside.  I read a lot of books and put away groceries and then it was lunch, and then cheesedoodle nap time.  The mackerdoodle gets movie time during cheesedoodle nap time, and she asked me to watch with her.  I fell fast asleep in the midst of “Night at the Museum” and woke up to the mackerdoodle poking my ribs and pointing out that her brother was awake.

I got supper started and on to simmer (lowest of low heat) and then it was time to go pick up Jonathan, who wanted some play time with the kids before supper.  We arrived home to burned supper.  How does that happen?  Burned stew sitting on low for less than 40 minutes?  So we got our play time and then Jonathan, on his night off, took us to Chick-Fil-A for supper, because he gets a discount.  The kids played in the mall play area, and we had a rare evening out together as a family.

That was a really long description to explain why I have only three sentences written on Kissing Frogs today.  I’m working on more.  I promise.