In my dream about which I posted yesterday, I did not mean to imply that I would rather go through menopause than have my snickerdoodle!  In my dream, I already had my three doodles.  I meant to illustrate the shift in my thinking from fear of menopause, to preferring menopause over a fifth pregnancy, and fourth live birth.

I fear I may be digging the hole deeper.  This is all caused by NaBloPoMo and posting with tired pregnancy brain.

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2 responses to “Clarification

  • suzanne

    🙂 We who have experienced three, four, five, etc. pregnancies know exactly how you feel! You are thrilled that God has chosen for you to have another wonderful baby, and should He choose to bless you this way again it would make you praise Him all the more. But…you do realize there are some benefits that the non-pregnant body experiences!

  • melissa

    I thought the post particularly well-phrased and witty. I wish my younger, not-pregnant brain could come up with something so pithy and well stated.

    ( You know we always rejoice with you, while empathising with the particular challenges each blessing brings!)

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