Her Own Person

One of the challenges of parenting is that when you begin to see yourself reflected in your children, there is a temptation to assume that because a child may be like you in a lot of areas, they necessarily think and feel like you in all areas.

I am not a routine person.  So much not a routine person that I forget to brush my teeth or apply deodorant, because I never do anything in the same order twice.  One of Jonathan’s frustrations with me is that I don’t like driving routines and when I drove more often would often take longer routes home just to avoid going the same way too often.

A couple of days out of routine visiting with Nana and Papa last week had meant a few evenings without baths, so Tuesday morning, after breakfast, I declared bath time.  The cheesedoodle thought it an excellent beginning to the day, frustrated only with the brevity of his morning water play time.  The mackerdoodle, however, spent the entire bath saying to me, “This is different mama.  I don’t like it.  It’s different.  Baths in the morning is different, mama.”

So even though the mackerdoodle and I are a lot alike, she is her own little person, with her own preferences.  I suspect that she will grow to hate the fact that I know five different ways home.