What Would You Say, If you Could?

In October of 2008, Gloria LeMay posted a hypothetical list of answers to the post birth statement “If you need anything let me know.”  I’ve been guilty of saying that exact sentence, and I know how useless it is, but reading her answers I realized, this list was written by an introvert.  For instance #7 says

“Come over in your work clothes and vacuum and dust my house and then leave quietly. It’s tiring for me to chat and have tea with visitors but it will renew my soul to get some rest knowing I will wake up to clean, organized space.”

That is the last thing I want when I’ve had a baby.  I would say this:

“Come over in your work clothes and mop my floor or scrub my tub and toilet and then sit down and tell me everything I’m missing in the outside world, and ignore my un-showered hair and nursing baby and slightly cabin feverish children.”

So read Gloria’s list and then tell me, what is your number one wish from helpers when you have a baby?