What Would You Say, If you Could?

In October of 2008, Gloria LeMay posted a hypothetical list of answers to the post birth statement “If you need anything let me know.”  I’ve been guilty of saying that exact sentence, and I know how useless it is, but reading her answers I realized, this list was written by an introvert.  For instance #7 says

“Come over in your work clothes and vacuum and dust my house and then leave quietly. It’s tiring for me to chat and have tea with visitors but it will renew my soul to get some rest knowing I will wake up to clean, organized space.”

That is the last thing I want when I’ve had a baby.  I would say this:

“Come over in your work clothes and mop my floor or scrub my tub and toilet and then sit down and tell me everything I’m missing in the outside world, and ignore my un-showered hair and nursing baby and slightly cabin feverish children.”

So read Gloria’s list and then tell me, what is your number one wish from helpers when you have a baby?


4 thoughts on “What Would You Say, If you Could?

  1. This is funny, both your post about the Mackerdoodle and this one remind me how VERY different we are. I hate change, will do everything differently only when I am seeking the PERFECT (by my standard, of course) way to do it – then I will never, ever change it (even if a better way is proven, i am sad to say). And here, my perfect help would be to come over BEFORE I got home from the hospital, clean my house, have my bed made with clean sheets, a few meals in the freezer and be gone so that when I arrive at the door I am greeted by perfection and my family and have to make small talk with no one. (After this, don’t bother coming to clean, I’ll fell better soon and I’d rather do it myself – but you’ll be welcome for coffee in a day or two!)

    Did we really come from the same womb?

    Oh, and of course, if it were YOU, you could stay. I’d even make my own bed with clean sheets if you were coming, to save you the hastle. That’s how much I like you.

  2. Ooh, do I have to pick just one? I would say everything she did, except the extroverted version (please stay and talk to me!!!!!). Or please take my children on some fun outing since I am not really in a place to spend the whole morning at the zoo with my newborn (though I did do that when Toby was first born….and got strep two days later…).

  3. Oh, I can’t read it…it’ll make me want another one even more! But I am totally introverted and I must say that I like very much what Melissa said 🙂 And I would say the same thing to my sisters!

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