Some Thoughts on a Succesful Failure

Well, I managed to post for 20 consecutive days in the month of November and then on the 21st life took over and I didn’t.  I didn’t even regret it.

On Saturday evening we were debating taking the still drippy nosed cheesedoodle to church, but not putting him in the nursery.  Sunday morning the mackerdoodle woke up with the phrase, “Mama?  My nose feels . . . DIFFERENT!” and we began talking about one parent staying home with children and the other going to church.  Then, in the middle of breakfast, the cheesedoodle threw up all over Jonathan.  No one went to church.

Jonathan’s head feels like it is filled with silly putty.  The mackerdoodle is suffering post nasal drip resulting in nausea.  The cheesedoodle continues to have a runny nose, and his little grunts are beginning to sound hoarse and slightly crunchy.  I spent yesterday wiping noses, administering Wal-borne and fluids and snuggling.  I did not blog.  It wasn’t even a hard decision.

So I am a NaBloPoMo failure, but looking over the twenty days of posts, I think it was a successful failure.  I got back into my habit of noticing things in my life as bloggable, and pre-thinking my posts before sitting down at the computer.  I made time to blog earlier in the day, and chose blogging over on-line time wasters like Facebook.  I remembered all the things I enjoyed about blogging, and Sunday the 21st proved to me that I have left behind that obsessive quality I once had.

NaBloPoMo  gave me a bit of a kick start to remember how much I enjoyed blogging, and why I enjoyed it.  Snotty noses and pukey Sunday breakfasts have proven to me that I’ve got blogging in perspective.  All in all, I think this was my most successful failure yet.


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