Five Days of Procrastination Makes a Long Week

On November 22 my menu plan board looked like this:

Yep.  A Whole Lot of Nothing.  You will notice that the plan begins on November 27th, because the 25th was Thanksgiving and the 26th was the day after Thanksgiving.  Meaning the plan for those days was, “Turkey” and “Leftover Turkey.”  My plan was to have my new plan done before Thanksgiving thereby guaranteeing a smooth meal plan transition this month.

I hit a mental block.  By the evening of the 22nd I had posted the following status line on Facebook:

Doing menu planning. What do we want to eat for the next four weeks? Suggestions?

Despite a series of excellent suggestions from my facebook friends, I still had a blank board for five days.  FIVE DAYS of blank menu plan.  The problem was two fold: every time I stared at the board I felt heartburn coming on, and I found myself a little preoccupied with Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, pumpkin pie, nanaimo bars . . . and I found myself wanting to write, “leftover turkey” in all 28 blocks.

Not really an option.

So today at 3 pm I was staring at a blank box with today’s date on it, and two small children who would want to eat in a few hours.  You know what?  Within an hour I had this:


That’s what motivation will do for you.