Is it Type Casting to Have a Pregnant Woman Play a Barn Door?

It has been at least 5 years (maybe 6) since I have done any acting at all apart from general cutting the fool and the occasional dramatic reenactment for my children. Nevertheless, this week I will once again tread the boards. Okay. I’ll be on carpet.

I am participating in an on-campus production of the children’s story “Click-Clack-Moo” produced by one of the students of the Children’s Literature class. Two male students are playing the cows. One male student is playing the Farmer. Two children of another student are playing a duck and a chicken. And the pregnant woman is playing the barn door – who is also the narrator. Today was our first practice.

In all seriousness, I had a surprisingly good time standing between two fake cows and a fake farmer passing fake notes between them. It’s not Broadway, but I had forgotten how much I enjoyed acting. Just a little bit of serendipity in my life. We perform our minimalist production of Click-Clack-Moo on Saturday afternoon, if you care to see the barn door performance of a life time.


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2 responses to “Is it Type Casting to Have a Pregnant Woman Play a Barn Door?

  • Carole

    see if you can get someone to video the performance…sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Jonathan

    Maybe they typecast you due to our redneckness!
    After all you are married to a gun-loving, hockey-loving, football-loving white heterosexual male, who clings to his conservative religion.

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