In Which I Learn a Lesson

This is one of my children’s favorite toys:

It’s also a hit whenever guests come and play.  There’s enough room for one preschooler to lie down and read a book while her brother screams at her, or for two children to sit side by side.  Guess which happens most often in our house.  🙂

I bought it for $5 at a consignment sale before we left Georgia, and it had been well loved before it found its way into our play room, meaning those “flowers” in the “window box” that lie down instead of standing tall.  Another example would be

the large hole in the side where I can only surmise some sort of doorbell once existed.

Last week my mackerdoodle was playing with a set of lacing beads her Grandma and Grandpa had purchased for her third birthday.   Much to my surprise, she announced that she didn’t have enough for a necklace.  There should have been more than seventy large wooden beads in that kit which would be a gracious plenty for a three year old neck.  She had a total of 12 beads.

Where had the beads gone?

I had my answer moments later as the cheesedoodle wandered over to his sister, selected a bead from her collection, carried it over to the little house and placed it in the hole.  When it landed it did not rattle.  It made the “thud” of wood landing on more wood.  A lot of wood.

Why didn’t I see that one coming?  Really, what is wrong with my Mom brain?!?

I sat down to empty the large cavity of the wall accessible only through that one hole.  After pulling out almost all of the beads, I also discovered

Yes.  A basket full of dominoes (a lot more than pictured here, because the cheesedoodle kept taking them out of the basket and carrying them away.  Probably to somewhere with a hole), some more beads, a plastic knife, a plastic spoon and a toothbrush.  A toothbrush.  Seriously.

More than an hour after my bead discovery, I had cleared out everything but two dominoes.

And learned my lesson.

I give the cheesedoodle a week before he figures out he can peel off the duct tape.


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5 responses to “In Which I Learn a Lesson

  • suzanne

    I want to click “like”! (Let’s not talk about whether or not that reflects too my time on Facebook for me…)

  • Lollie

    Too funny! I had a stasher once. When we moved we found lots of hidden treasures.

  • Tera Montgomery

    Cute! I love that 🙂

  • Andrea

    Since the cheesedoodle is a busy boy…I give him LESS than a week to figure out how to peel off the duct tape! 😉

  • Sandi

    When Riley was little he would stash all kinds of things down the furnace registers. Oh, and he flushed a toothbrush… and put a popsicle stick in one of the jets in our bathtub… The things you have to look forward to with your little monkey!

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