Snickerdoodle is a . . .

. . . healthy and developing baby.

Oh, I’m sorry were you wanting more?

Snickerdoodle is 14 oz with four healthy heart ventricles and developed spine and a hand that waved at us once during the ultrasound.


Is there something else you wanted to know?

Would the information that she’s a girl satisfy you?  🙂

Yes, our snickerdoodle is a healthy and developing baby girl.  I haven’t scanned the pictures yet, but I thought you would all want to know.


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11 responses to “Snickerdoodle is a . . .

  • Carole

    Are you playing with your loyal readers ? How cruel!!! Just kidding,,we are thrilled to welcome Snickerdoodle, and to know she is a member of the fairer sex..also pleased for little Mackerdoodle, who knew all along she was getting a baby sister

  • Jawan

    YIPPEE!!!!!!! A little girl! Wonderful….now, onto my name suggestions (b/c it’s now a tradition….I’ll be waiting on pregnancy #4 to be announced. Oh wait, I forgot you’ll be “glad it’s not me”).

    Erzsebet (devoted to God)
    Lewanna (the moon…?)
    Mehitabel (God is our joy)
    Nitzana (blossom)
    Yaffa (beautiful)
    Zippora (little bird)

    Want me to rank ’em?

    BTW, Abigail just asked if Moriah cab have cow’s milk now. I assured her that Moriah has been drinking (and eating) the white stuff for a while now.

  • Marianne

    Heeeeeeeee!!! I’d be squeeing either way, but… Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Tera Montgomery

    Yay for Baby Girl Cowan!! I like Nitzana and Zippora…Z is a good letter for the last one, right? 🙂

    Congratulations all over again!

  • Elizabeth

    So fun for Mackerdoodle to have a sister. And being outnumbered, cheesedoodle is going to learn a lot and make an excellent husband to a very lucky girl someday.

    • Jodi

      I like the way you put that. I will remember that when Sam is surrounded by 5 of his cousins (all girls) and 3 sisters! We do have hope though. We have another addition coming to the family this spring so we are hoping for a boy!

  • Becky

    Yip! Yip! Yip!
    My vote goes with Zippora.
    THRILLED for you guys.

  • AJU5's Mom

    (although I still say you “cheated” 🙂 )

  • Wendy Robinson

    Dearest Coralie, Jonathan and family we offer our Congratulations on the news of another baby girl coming into your family. I am 100% sure she will have a twinkle in her eye-just like the rest. What wonderful news to your faithful readers.
    Love Auntie Wendy

  • Carole

    Please dont name her Zippora…rather have Cinderella , as Mackerdoodle suggested

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