On the Naming of a Daughter

Our tradition has been to name our children the day of the ultrasound in which we discover their gender.  This time around the day of the ultrasound also fell on the last day for Jonathan to complete a 15 page Greek exegetical paper and finish translating, parsing and doing grammatical and syntactical analysis on the book of Colossians.  He didn’t have the brain power to consider the finer points of choosing a lifelong identifier for our youngest daughter.

But, last night we sat down to discuss names, which really means we began to discuss meanings because that’s sort of how we begin our process.  Here’s how that has worked out so far for us:

Our oldest child is named “The Lord is my teacher,” and she fills my day with questions.  Some of them sound like this:

mackerdoodle:  Why does daddy shower every day?

me:  So he’s not stinky for work.

mackerdoodle:  Why does daddy wear that dodor. . . dorodororant. . . every single day?

me:   Well when people become grown ups they . . . have some . . . it just helps grown ups not to be stinky.

mackerdoodle:  Do skunks do this (gets down on all fours with little behind in the air) and spray stinky everywhere?

me:  yes they do.

mackerdoodle:  stinky like grown ups?

and some of them are like this:

mackerdoodle:  Mama, I’m upset about something.

me: what baby girl?

mackerdoodle:  I don’t want God to be a spirit.  I want him to have a body like me.  Then maybe I can understand him.

Yeah.  I alternate between laughter and humbled awe at the brain in my three year old.

Our now middle child is named “Victorious Defender” and everything from getting dressed in the morning until falling asleep at night is a type of battle for the child.

So now we’re considering a name for the third child.  In the midst of suggestions like, “the Lord’s warrior” and “the Lord is my strength,” I asked if maybe we could consider naming the daughter Tranquility, or maybe Tranquility Peace.

It’s not on the short list, but a mama can dream, right?


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2 responses to “On the Naming of a Daughter

  • Becky

    We went with a Strength name with our KB and all I can say is “RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!”

  • Kim Crist

    Since name suggestions aren’t being submitted and accepted in a serious spirit-I’d like to propose “Summer Zephyr”. Warmth and soft breezes soft like a wonderful thing when you’re choosing a name in the middle of a winter storm. 🙂 LOL. I’m sure whatever name you choose, she will be a beautiful little spirit!

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