My friend Becky began her blog today by saying “I blog less when heavier things are going on,” and my heart echoed the sentiment.  Sure I’ll blog all day long about floors that need to be mopped and hating laundry and the inconveniences that accompany pregnancy, but real struggles, like how hard it is to find a church in a city full of almost identical churches, are mostly locked away in my heart and mind.  This week has been one of those weeks.

We have tenants in our house in Georgia and this month not a single one has paid his rent.  Two claim to have made a deposit at the bank, but the bank has no record and I’ve spent the week calling the bank then calling our property managers who speak to the boys who get back to me so I can call the bank again . . .

We didn’t set out to be landlords.  We were supposed to sell the house, but God had different plans.  Clearly one of his plans was to teach me how to parent two children while on the phone with a bank officer trying to explain to her something I heard second hand from Mimi that was reported to her by one of my tenants.  It’s been trying.

There has been no solution.  The mortgage on the house hasn’t been paid.  I don’t have a “wrapped up in a bow” post about God’s faithful provision in this time of need.  I just have more questions and more phone calls.

But the fact is this:  God is still faithful and He is still the God who provides.  Just because I don’t see it right now, doesn’t mean He isn’t doing it.  I have no idea how or when the solution will come.  I just rest in the knowledge that it will – in one way or another – be solved in a way that leads to my sanctification and God’s glory.


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2 responses to “Trying

  • Tera Montgomery

    Praying for you! We understand the landlord issues…it is not a fun situation to be in. I am not looking forward to tax time when we don’t get to use the mortgage interest to our benefit and have to pay taxes on the rent we have been receiving which doesn’t even come close to covering the mortgage. Our summer was full of grief over not being able to pay the mortgage. We are standing with you in your belief and faithfulness. God is good…ALWAYS!

  • Becky

    Sometimes my sinful heart says, “Sanctification Sucks”. I’ll be praying for your heaviness. (I thought you were gone already! Today in the car KB was calling out, “I miss Moiah!” Dramatic, but sweet.)

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