The Triumph and Tragedy of Being Three

We had a last minute change in our plans for the holiday break.  Instead of family coming to us, we have come to the family and this has caused great excitement in the three year old mackerdoodle.  For a week and a half she asked, “Is this the day we go to Canada?” every morning.  When asked what she was going to do in Canada, she would say, “eat Timbits and go skating with my cousins.”  Her big anticipation of the trip was that we were going to be getting up while it was still dark and she and the cheesedoodle would be riding in the car in their tadamas!  The novelty was more than a three year old could bear.

Wednesday night she fell asleep with some coaxing but when her brother began to fuss twenty minutes later I found her sitting up in her bed, blanket clutched, asking, “Is it time to go to Canada?”  I thought I had her convinced that it wasn’t time yet, but while I was settling the cheesedoodle, Jonathan began going in and out through the door above the mackerdoodle’s head getting the van ready for an early departure date.  I could hear the mackerdoodle talking to him from her bed, saying, “Dada?  Is that you?  Oh.  Dada.”  I went over to her room and as soon as I sat on the end of her bed, I heard her little dejected voice saying, “Mama?   Is Dada going to Canada wifout you too?”

Oh the drama of being three.

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