What Does This Say For His Future?

I really want to blog about some of the memories we made during our family visit but this just happened this evening, and I have to share it.  I think you’ll understand once you read what “it” is.

I think all parents look at their children and wonder what they will turn out to be.  In fact, just yesterday Jonathan and I were talking about the “class clown” that our mackerdoodle is rapidly perfecting and wondering what category our cheesedoodle would embrace.  I was voting for “jock” while Jonathan was leaning more toward “angry artist.”

The cheesedoodle wants to do everything his older sister does, including wearing hair bands and playing with dolls.  This is a source of mild consternation for his father which is generally fixed by an act of such general “boyness” that even the pink sparkly hairband can’t ruin it.  This evening the cheesedoodle was sitting in the bath tub playing with his sister’s mermaid Barbie.  I had a flash of wondering if that fit more into jock or angry artist, but pushed it out of my mind as I finished up some things around the house.  When I came back to get him cleaned and out of the tub I took a closer look at what my son was doing.  He was holding Barbie by the head, his hand covering her eyes and nose, and pouring water on to her mouth.

Yes, that’s right.  My son was waterboarding Barbie.

Now I don’t think that counts as “playing with a Barbie” and it certainly isn’t jock OR angry artist.  Maybe a potential CIA field operative . . . ?


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