Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

It Was All Worth It

Saturday night Jonathan and I went on a date.  The last time we went out together was months ago, and we waited until our kids were asleep then left the baby monitor with a neighbor.  This time around, the children went to play with friends in our neighborhood while Jonathan and I had supper with Becky and Jeremy.  We might have called it “date night” but it ended up being an all day affair.

First, we dropped Jonathan off at work that morning so that I’d have transportation to the date when Jonathan got off work at five.  Then, because we had the vehicle, we stopped at ALDI and picked up some groceries before heading home.  In the few hours before lunch I had to do several loads of laundry because it’s generally frowned upon to arrive at church naked, and then feed the children lunch.  My plan was to put on a movie (Toy Story 3 had just arrived from Netflix) and let the children watch that while I tidied the house and generally got things straight before going out for the evening.  Instead, the children wanted to snuggle with me while they watched the movie and how can I say “no” to that?

So after I managed to dry my eyes and get my heaving sobs under control after the last ten minutes of Toy Story 3 (the mackerdoodle looked up at me and asked, “What’s that water leaking out of your eyes, mama?”) I decided to bathe both kids, knowing that we would be home right at bed time.  Once both kids were clean, and dressed, and hair dried and combed then I had to dress myself.  Easier said than done when pregnant.  I had to change my clothes three times before I found a combination of clothes that (a) didn’t expose my bra (b) didn’t fall down when I walked and (c) matched.  By the time I had managed to do that, it was time to drop off the kids and meet my husband for date night.

After dressing both children in their winter gear (for a walk past three doors), I grabbed my own jacket and shoes.  The mackerdoodle looked at me critically and then asked, “Why you wearin’ that jacket, mama?  Is it warm enough?  Why you wearing those shoes mama?  They are not practical for the snow.”

Yeah.  She really did.  I’m just choosing not to think about what 13 will be like.

After all of that I arrived for date night on time and had a great time.  We discussed everything from Chick-Fil-A to church planting to strange fashion and had a blast.  And then, suddenly, both men’s eyes glazed over, their countenances changed, and they yawned, simultaneously.  The night was drawing to a successful, but clearly imminent, close.

When we got back home the cheesedoodle had already fallen asleep and the mackerdoodle had that happy exhausted look of a kid who has played out all of her energy and can’t wait to do it again.

It may have taken all day to make a three hour date night possible, but there is no doubt that the whole family thought it was well worth it.