Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

Perspective: Priceless

This past Sunday, on the way to church, Jonathan said to me, “I’m certainly acclimatized to Georgia.  I just thought how long this winter has been, and then realized it’s only January.”

I’m with him.  Today as I was watching the precipitation turn from rain to snow to rain to snow to snain and row I was thinking that in two weeks the daffodils and snow drops will be blooming in my yard in Georgia.

Then I read this post by Scribbit, which includes this sentence: “. . . unless things warm up to -1 they’ll cancel the race. . .” and that’s in Fahrenheit people!  That’s darned cold.

Yeah, it’s been a longer, colder winter than we’ve experienced in years, but not as long as Alaska’s winters.

Thank You Lord for taking me to St. Louis, and not Anchorage.  Amen.