Daily Archives: February 7, 2011

Catching Up to Last Decade

More than a year ago I confessed here on the blog my texting illiteracy.  Despite that particular week, I remained unmotivated to add text to my list of technical skills.  For one thing, hitting the number 1 three times to type a “C” seemed an exercise in wasted energy and I rarely thought there was anything worth paying twenty cents to say when I could e-mail or call for free.  But more and more of my friends are using text as a standard communication and Jonathan frequently gets text messages regarding work.

So today we added a small text package to our cell plan and upgraded our phones to:

That’s right.  No wasted energy.  I can “thumb type” text messages like a teenager.  The guy at the Verizon store really tried to push a data plan instead of a text plan.  He couldn’t understand how anyone had lived this long with a phone that (gasp) only made calls!  If I was willing to make the step to text, why didn’t I just want to catch up with the times, and do all my social networking with my phone?

I was tempted to say “Seriously?  I didn’t even text six months ago.”   Honestly, I can see the appeal to adding facebook and twitter to a phone, if you don’t have to hit each letter seven times to spell the word you like, but really, why would I pay thirty dollars a month to do that when I can use the internet at home?

It’s baby steps.

In the meantime, feel free to text me.  Those of you who can still remember 2004.