Catching Up to Last Decade

More than a year ago I confessed here on the blog my texting illiteracy.  Despite that particular week, I remained unmotivated to add text to my list of technical skills.  For one thing, hitting the number 1 three times to type a “C” seemed an exercise in wasted energy and I rarely thought there was anything worth paying twenty cents to say when I could e-mail or call for free.  But more and more of my friends are using text as a standard communication and Jonathan frequently gets text messages regarding work.

So today we added a small text package to our cell plan and upgraded our phones to:

That’s right.  No wasted energy.  I can “thumb type” text messages like a teenager.  The guy at the Verizon store really tried to push a data plan instead of a text plan.  He couldn’t understand how anyone had lived this long with a phone that (gasp) only made calls!  If I was willing to make the step to text, why didn’t I just want to catch up with the times, and do all my social networking with my phone?

I was tempted to say “Seriously?  I didn’t even text six months ago.”   Honestly, I can see the appeal to adding facebook and twitter to a phone, if you don’t have to hit each letter seven times to spell the word you like, but really, why would I pay thirty dollars a month to do that when I can use the internet at home?

It’s baby steps.

In the meantime, feel free to text me.  Those of you who can still remember 2004.


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4 responses to “Catching Up to Last Decade

  • Jonathan

    Hee! hee! hee! We are so NOT Cool!
    It is going to be so fun when the doodles hit their teen years. It is also fun to leave a reply when you are only 2 ft away. Love ya!

  • Jawan

    Hee Hee! You two are so fun! Mitch texts me from the next room, too. Heck, he chats on Facebook with me from the next room…he sometimes even Skypes with me from other rooms in the house. We are all such old nerds that are giddy with technology! Before you know it, we’ll all be buying flat screen TVs….but only once our projection screens blow out. Never before then, right?!!?!? HA!

  • suzanne

    Oh Coralie, I totally feel that. We added texting to our plan soon after moving here too because several friends always texted (btw: sorry! I didn’t know you had to pay to receive them!!!). Then when we were up for getting free phones we got one similar to the one you got. It’s really nice to be able to text and not do it the “old fashioned” way. I still don’t like long conversations over text, but it’s definitely a quick and convenient way to send a short message to someone or several people at once! (And we don’t have a data plan, either. I think having that on a small little phone would just annoy me. Plus, do I *really* need to access email and FB and whatever from wherever? No, no I don’t! I wouldn’t mind GPS on my phone, however…)

  • Tera Montgomery

    Congrats 🙂 I love that I can receive my work emails from wherever I am…I have so much going on with my two jobs and Loran’s guitar lessons that I like staying connected. I even text more now because our phones have voice recognition so I can text without having to actually use the keys!!! It does mispell Ankica’s name though…it’s pretty funny.
    I tried Skype…I don’t get how it is different from texting, though…

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