Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Ode to a Bella Band

The single defining characteristic of maternity clothing is not fitting.  It’ s not the fault of the clothing designers.  It’s the fact that in 40 weeks which despite the feeling at the time isn’t that much time, the female uterus expands more than 500 times its original size and the body must adjust to that rapid inflation.  Unless someone has the money to purchase a newly tailored wardrobe every week, one is destined to spend 40 weeks not fitting into various clothing.

I am facing an additional dilemma with this pregnancy in that I’ve got two southern summer babies, and a maternity wardrobe to match.  All of my late term pregnancy clothing is for warm weather.  It’s not warm here.  Yesterday the mackerdoodle (ever observant and willing to remark on her observations) asked me why the spaces between the “snappers” on my shirt were trying to stretch apart.  And that is one of the biggest winter shirts I own.

Fortunately I have a lot of sweaters and “over layers” to bridge the gaps in my wardrobe, but the number one winter maternity wardrobe redeemer is the Bella Band.  Not only does it bridge the gap between a “shrinking” wardrobe and a growing baby bump, but it is another warm layer on a cold day.  I abandoned my Bella Bands at this stage in my summer pregnancies because I was hot (not in the Paris Hilton sense) but this time around I’m loving that extra layer.

I’m not being paid or compensated in anyway to appreciate Bella Band, I’m just a fan, and frankly these are the types of things weighing on my mind these days.