Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Clearly My Tastes Outpace My Cool Points.

Last week in the midst of the snow followed by cold followed by more snow, my friend Elizabeth sent us a “snow day activity” box.  It contained two trucks for the cheesedoodle, a tiara and a purple purse for the mackerdoodle, some cookie cutters and sprinkles to make cookies together, and a Starbucks gift card which I claimed for myself.

Today was the first Parent’s Morning Out of the semester, and while I will normally take my kid free Wednesday mornings to do grocery shopping and run errands, today I broke out the Starbucks card, and had a two hour coffee enhanced conversation with my friend Becky.  As I was sitting in Starbucks waiting for Becky, I looked around at the full house and realized that more than half of the patrons were either carrying, or using, iPads, three more had iBooks and a great many of them had their iPhones either sitting prominently near their other iProducts, or attached visibly to their belts or purses.  Just as Becky was arriving, one iPad left and two walked in – with people attached obviously.

I had two sudden realizations:

  1. I am not cool enough, hip enough, trendy enough, to own anything with an apple logo.  I am not an iPerson.  In fact, looking around at the sheer volume of iProducts and iPeople in Starbucks, I realized that the days of Apple claiming to be the elite product that is above the mundane commercialism of other products is clearly over.  They are so ubiquitous that at some point historians will probably dub the early 21st century the iDecades.
  2. If Apple ever went into the coffee business (what would they call it?  iBrew?  iBuzz?  iPaytoomuchforsomethingicouldmakeathome?) Starbucks would go out of business.  This is ironic, considering Starbucks hails from Seattle, the mothership of Microsoft.

I really love Starbucks coffee, and I rationed my purchase today in order to make that card last as many Wednesday mornings as I can, but let’s be honest, I’m not their hipster target customer.  Instead of the standard “champagne taste on a beer budget” analogy, today I felt like someone with Starbucks taste on a refurbished PC budget.

It made me appreciate Elizabeth’s gift even more, as if some of her young, hip, urban coolness came prepacked with the card.  For a pregnant stay-at-home mom that gift is truly priceless.  🙂