She May Have Inherited My Impatience

I have a feeling that this snickerdoodle may try to make an early appearance.  I don’t really want to bank on that too much, because if you count on a baby being early and she shows up on time it feels like she’s overdue.  That being said, I still have the feeling that she’ll be external before her due date.  I’ve been having contractions every evening since 27 weeks.  They eventually stop when I lie down, and they don’t hit any of the warning signs about which my OB warned me, but they seem to be the sign of either an impatient baby or an impatient body.

I only mention it because I’ve been trying to write a different, hopeful, blog post about how the weather is warming up and every time I get a good thought process going I get hit with a contraction.  So you’ve got a post about contractions.

You know what they say: write what you know.


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2 responses to “She May Have Inherited My Impatience

  • Becky

    It is sentences like “she’ll be external by her due date” that make me pause and sigh in awe.

  • Melinda

    watch out Cor…I was that way with Ryan…he didn’t come early but he sure came fast when he did…might be an idea to stay away from toilets when the due date comes…or…um…nevermind…

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