Things I Love Part One: The Gospel

Last week all of my favorite artsy fartsy blogs were heart and lace and chocolate themed in honor of today which always brings out my cynicism a little.  Frankly I would rather have my husband bring me a flower or a treat or a small note of love and appreciation on a completely random day instead of a day in which it is culturally mandated. ( Plus, the history of the day?  eeew.)

All weekend, however, I was challenged with how I honor the things I esteem.  No one set out to challenge me, but I guess the Lord thought I needed to learn it this weekend.  So all week I’m going to post about the things I love, but not because of some goat sacrifice to Remus.

Things I Love Part One:  The Gospel

God is the sovereign, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator of the universe and if He was only those things He would deserve our worship and our fear, but it is the gospel that garners our affections.  It is an act so large and powerful that it actually rended the Trinity – something I acknowledge but can’t even begin to comprehend.

Here it is.  All of creation being completely and utterly corrupted by sin, and all of humanity being in open rebellion against the all powerful ruler of the universe, they are rightly, and justly, sentenced to death.  Then, in an inexplicable act, God himself steps into the midst of the insurrection and for some of the very traitors trying to establish themselves as kings and  queens of the Universe, he took their punishment on himself.  This was no legal slight-of-hand.  He did not issue an edict of pardon.  Instead he became their treason, suffering millions of eternities in hell on their (our) behalf.  But He didn’t stop there.  He did not leave his subjects in a neutral spiritual position.  When He became our sin, he made us His righteousness.  We stand in a place of honor because he became our disgrace.

What do I love?  Why do I love?  How am I able to love?  It’s all about Christ and the gospel.  There isn’t anything more than that.


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