Driving While Pregnant

My daughter’s favorite game is to put on my high heeled shoes (which are only collecting dust anyway) and clump around the house, calling herself Cinderella.  Sometimes she’s Ariel,but for the most part she’s Cinderella.  This afternoon I had to interrupt this game to get the children into the van to pick up Jonathan from preaching class.  As we pulled out of our neighborhood, this song began to play:


Halfway through the song, my mackerdoodle asked, “Mama?  Are you crying?”

I couldn’t answer her.  I couldn’t even speak.


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10 responses to “Driving While Pregnant

  • Lollie

    I get teary eyed with that one too, not just while pregnant;)

  • Peggy

    Not pregnant, don’t even have a daughter, and I’m balling. If you could still drive, you’re stronger than me.

  • Corinna Groom

    Enjoy every dance. My children have grown up in an instant.(The older two at least.) I can hear the bell on the clock ringing. Just trying to take in every moment while I still have them at home. Bring on the tears, what a great reminder to cherish every minute. What a great memory to have recorded in your blog. Happy dancing!

  • Trena

    I hear you…and I’m not even pregnant! I have a hard time listening to that song .
    We are planning on seeing him in concert next month. he’s kicking off his Canadian tour in NS! I am so excited, we’ve been huged fans for a long time. But I am also nervous that I may be a blubbering mess and make a total fool of myself.

  • suzanne

    When I clicked on the link, it took me to Jennifer Lopez singing a Venus commercial. I was really confused for a minute. Then the real song came on and I got teary-eyed. Gee, thanks. (I shouldn’t blame you–EVERYTHING makes me cry right now!)

  • Kristi-Anna

    I’m with Corinna… it goes by so fast! 10+ years has gone by just like that! Wasn’t it yesterday I just found out she was coming?! I’m reading a book now called “Notes Left Behind” which I recommend, but perhaps not while pregnant, or with small children… or for any Mom who cries. Ahem. So, maybe not for everyone! LOL It reminds me to take each minute as a miracle to enjoy and savour and keep in my heart 🙂
    Thanks for the morning cry, Coralie!

  • Carole

    I didn’t cry but my thoughts went back to when you both went away permanently at 2o years old…traumatic times…but you married 2 wonderful men,with whom you are still dancing.

  • Tera Montgomery

    Loran and I saw Michael W and Stephen Curtis in concert in Atlanta a few years ago. SCC talked about that song and his girls (the one that got married and the one that passed) and I cried. I am away from my babies tonight listening to college girls that I don’t want my babies to turn into and I am crying. When I called home to see how things were, Loran said that his three daughters were dancing around the den while he played guitar.

    Ah, God is good. Bless you Coralie…for writing it all down.

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