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What About This . . .?

My friend Suzanne, who is expecting her fourth child in September sent me the link to this shirt:

I laughed out loud. Bravo to the woman who would wear it. (By the way, you can click on that picture and it will take you to the etsy store, if you want to buy it for yourself, or Suzanne.)


Doesn’t It Always Seem to Go . . .

Mackerdoodle's Birth

A few weeks ago, after looking at the after birth (meaning post-birth, not afterbirth as in placenta) pictures of several of my seminary friends, I decided that what I really wanted was a new pair of pajamas to wear in the hospital when the snickerdoodle makes her appearance.

Cheesedoodle a day old

This is not a new idea. I bought a new night shirt to wear after the mackerdoodle’s birth, but being a complete and total novice to all things baby, I bought something completely impossible for nursing, and too small for a post baby body (I don’t know what I thought I was going to look like.) so it stayed in the bag and didn’t get worn for months (probably almost a year). I bought a shirt to wear for after the cheesedoodle was born, and I did wear it, and it was perfect for nursing, but it was a shirt.  What was I thinking was gong to cover my bottom half? I have no idea. I had to sit in bed covered with the (suddenly aware of how thin) hospital sheet when anyone came to meet my son. It was ridiculous. It did make a much prettier picture, but it was hardly practical.

So this time around I was looking for a set of nursing pajamas that would be (a) cute (b) affordable and (c) modest. I spent two weeks searching the internet for “nursing pajamas,” “nursing sleepwear,” “nursing night wear,” etc. and on and on. What I found fit into three categories:


Sleeveless/Low Cut/Revealing

This was the biggest category. I understand it really. If I was looking for something just for night in my own home with the lights out, I’d be okay with a lot of the pajamas in this category, but I was looking specifically for something for receiving guests in the hospital and possibly the first few days at home. I didn’t want Victoria’s Secret. I wanted to hold onto my secrets, thanks.

2.  Outrageously expensive. I have no intention of spending between $60 and $100 on pajamas. I have never spent that on a single item of clothing in my life, and I’m certainly not doing it at this season, or for this purpose. Plus a lot of those also fit in the immodest category.

3. Cheap. Meaning so thin or flimsy or poorly made that I couldn’t imagine actually wearing them in any circumstance whatsoever. Interestingly these were often also sold out in my size, meaning that a lot of women, having encountered category 1 and 2 eventually ended up settling for #3 in desperation.

Today during Parent’s Morning Out, I got my hair cut. I left the Great Clips with 30 minutes until I needed to pick up the children. I wandered into a TJ Maxx next door and browsed through the pajama rack. Guess what I found? A pair of pajamas that are (a) modest (b) pretty cute and (c) inexpensive. They aren’t “nursing” pajamas, but they’ll certainly serve the purpose. They have elastic waist, loose fitting capri length bottoms and a top loose enough to accommodate my current size, so I’ll have no problem with my immediate post birth body.

Isn’t that the way with life? I spend two weeks looking for something specific, and when I look outside the specific box, I find exactly what I’m looking for. At a discount. So the pajamas are in a bag, beside the snickerdoodle’s “Birthday Girl” gown and I’m one step closer to being ready for her arrival.

Thoughts on Noah

Our mackerdoodle is fascinated with the details of Noah and the worldwide flood. She wants to know all the details about how the world flooded and what the ark looked like and how did the animals come to the ark, and how heavy the rain was . . .

Yesterday at supper she was asking all sorts of questions, and I was trying to answer them, when my very wise husband said, “Instead of just talking about this, let’s read it directly from the bible.”

Good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

Jonathan didn’t read all three chapters (I mean, it was supper time, and she might be smart, but she’s only 3.5), but he hit the high points and emphasized the redemption aspect of the story. As he was reading, I saw a couple of things that I hadn’t seen before.

Thing One

They went into the ark with Noah, two and two of all flesh in which there was the breath of life. And those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him. And the LORD shut him in.  Genesis 7:15&16

God specifically rescued those things that contained the breath of life. Noah wasn’t charged with preserving any form of plant life. God makes a distinction here. He defines “living” as anything with breath. This is significant because there is a movement trying to claim that because Adam and Eve ate plants in the garden, death pre-existed sin. The flood tells us that God doesn’t consider plants to be living things. Death did not enter the garden until God killed an animal to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness.

Thing Two

the LORD said in his heart, “I will never again curse the ground because of man, for the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth. Neither will I ever again strike down every living creature as I have done. While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:21&22

So I know this is going to be controversial, but I couldn’t help but notice here that God does not leave room here for humanity to affect climate. Obviously sin corrupts all levels of creation, and other parts of scripture tells us that famine and drought and localized floods and storms are a part of (a) the general effects of sin and (b) God’s specific judgement and correction of his people. What the promise of the rainbow tells us, however, is that the regular pattern of weather, the movement of seasons, the overall state of global climate, will not be altered significantly. The idea that humanity could cause world wide catastrophic climate change of any form is denied by the covenant of God, because the God who was able create the earth and then destroy most of it in a world wide flood, won’t be undone by the piddly efforts of a few industrialized and developing nations.

Just my thoughts on what I thought was a familiar bible story.

Last Weekend Was Warm Enough to Go Outside

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What’s Changed?

I was washing and sorting baby clothes this morning. I rearranged my family closet so there would be room for the snickerdoodle’s clothes. I’ve vacuumed the nooks and crannies of the crib twice. In the middle of this I tried to take stock, to figure out why I am going through this nesting so strongly this time around, and didn’t with the other two. In fact, I didn’t unpack the mackerdoodle’s clothes until AFTER she was born. My friend Terri set up the bassinet, swing and bouncy chair for me while I was in the hospital after delivering the mackerdoodle. I did manage to do that myself for the cheesedoodle – a day before I was scheduled to be induced.

So what is making this pregnancy different? Why am I feeling the sudden, overwhelming urge to prepare for the arrival of this new life? What is different this time around?


With the mackerdoodle we were renovating the house until two days *after* her due date. With the cheesedoodle we were teaching until I was 36 weeks pregnant. I wrote this post about being preoccupied with pregnancy at 38 weeks.

This time around I haven’t had anything to draw my focus. I haven’t had the end of a school year, the end of my teaching career, a housing renovation, a visit with family, or anything else to fill in the spaces while the snickerdoodle’s due date crept up. Instead, all I had was the increasing numbers on my calendar marking how many weeks pregnant I am, and the increasing size and decreasing comfort of my body.

Additionally, I am doing this all in a relatively new city. I know that if I was back in Georgia, I would be keeping myself busy with church events and other things. I would have more on my plate, and less time on my hands to worry about things like t-shirts and vacuuming.

In the end, it’s just another example of how this pregnancy is so completely different from my other two. It makes me wonder if the snickerdoodle will be too.

Nesting Comes in Many Forms

I’ve been having bursts of nesting moments, peppered with complete exhaustion, in which I think, “I seriously can’t do this for another 5 weeks!” Saturday I vacuumed my entire basement: floors, ceiling joists, walls, the ledge around the outside walls that the joists sit on, the ENTIRE basement. Sunday I took a 2 hour nap. Tuesday I cleaned my deck, front porch, vacuumed all of the floors upstairs, scoured my kitchen with an old toothbrush and waxed my table. Today I made t-shirts.

Yes. I made t-shirts. It seemed really important at the moment.

I blame Becky for the idea. She makes t-shirts to commemorate almost everything and the idea has intrigued me for a while. My first thought was to make t-shirts for my sister’s kids on their birthdays as a creative and inexpensive way of commemorating their day. That was a good idea 6 weeks ago when my nephew’s tenth birthday was 2 weeks away. Today I was seized with the desperate need not only to make Zac’s 10th birthday t-shirt (a month late) but also make “Big Sister” and “Big Brother” t-shirts for the doodles when their sister is born.

This is where the nesting kicks in. That birthday shirt was just a bonus to the sudden NEED to have the “birth day” t-shirts done TODAY!

While Jonathan worked on spring “break” homework at the library, I took the doodles to Hobby Lobby. My original plan was just to pick up some white numbers for Zac’s t-shirt, and a little iron-on embellishment  for each of the “birth day” t-shirts. I already had some printable iron-on transfers that I planned to use for the words. As I was looking at white numbers, and deciding to get white letters too (I bought a dark shirt for Zac, a mistake I won’t make again.) the doodles were falling in love with iron on “create your own monster” kits.

Because I am a push over, we ended up going home with monster t-shirt kits. I am SO glad we did.

When we got home we cracked open those packages, dug out the t-shirts and built monsters together. The kids picked every element of their own t-shirt monster, and the “big brother” and “big sister” t-shirts became more than just something to make mama happy, they became their own creation.


The Cheesedoodle's "Big Brother" Monster t-shirt

Mackerdoodle's "Big Sister" monster t-shirt


I cut out the body, and laid it on the table, and then put the other elements out and asked them each to pick, first eyes, then a mouth, then hands. I was worried the cheesedoodle wouldn’t understand, but he clearly did. When I asked if he wanted a nose, he shook his head emphatically. When he chose the hands he did, I positioned them facing down. The cheesedoodle turned them around to face up, then nodded and smiled. It was so much fun!

I printed the words onto my iron on transfer sheets, (the children chose their fonts) and then the hard work started. While the children ate lunch and then watched a wiggles video, I set out to make the pieces into finished t-shirts.

Can I say right here that I should have asked Becky to come and walk me through this? Can I also say that if you’re going to make t-shirts, don’t start with the one that has 14 individual pieces that you are planning to give to a 10 year old as a gift! In fact, probably don’t plan a t-shirt with 14 individual elements. Zac’s t-shirt was supposed to say, “Double Digits Dude!” under a big 10. After I peeled off and positioned and thoroughly destroyed the first two words, I cut my losses, and tossed the exclamation point after the word, “digits.”


Yes, it is off center, crooked, and a general disaster.


For future reference: buy the lighter colored t-shirts and print the phrase all in one go like I did with the “big brother” and “big sister” words for the monster t-shirts. I can’t re-do it. I’m wondering if I can save it. The jury is out. I’m certainly not sending it like it is.

After this, I went to the cheesedoodle’s monster t-shirt. If you look closely at the picture, you can see I tore the monster’s body during application, but the words are straight and all in all I’m pretty pleased with it. The mackerdoodle’s t-shirt was almost perfect, until I peeled the paper off the words, and then decided the monster need a final ironing. The iron smudged a tiny corner of the end of Sister. It’s not a biggie.

I finally did the one I should have done first. The coming home outfit for the snickerdoodle was originally going to say, “Little Sister” or something like that, but when I found this pre-printed transfer at Hobby Lobby, I went with it. Pre-printed, single transfers are easy. This would have been a good one to learn on.


For the Snickerdoodle


Cute and appropriate, right? That’s one Becky can be proud of inspiring.

So now they are hanging in the closet, just waiting for the big day, and I feel strangely exhausted after doing nothing but making t-shirts. I wonder what nesting tomorrow will bring.

Instead of Wasting Your Time Today . . .

. . . I think you should read this post instead of anything I would write about being pregnant.

Here’s a quote to whet your apetite:

“If we are bereft of joy and the light of God’s face, the answer is not introspection. The answer is extro-spection –gazing upon the glories of all God has done for us in Christ.”