Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

An UnAnticipated Challenge

So when the mackerdoodle was the same age as the cheesedoodle is now, and the cheesedoodle was in the same gestational development as the snickerdoodle is now, I would spend entire days with the mackerdoodle on the potty trying to potty train. I wasn’t all that stressed about it, as that post indicated, and when she did decide to use the potty she pretty much told me she wanted to use the potty, and didn’t look back.

Frankly, with the cheesedoodle it hasn’t even crossed my mind. I don’t think of him being almost two and I just don’t think about him using the potty. Two days ago, he put the little potty seat on the toilet seat, pointed to it, and pointed to himself. I sat him on the potty and, to be honest, walked away. When I came back he had gone in the potty, wiped himself and was waiting patiently for me to fetch him down and put his pants back on.

I haven’t put him back on the potty since, because I just haven’t thought about, and he doesn’t have any words, so he’s not asking to go.

How do you potty train a child who refuses to speak?

Refuses is the proper word here, too. When asked if he can say anything, his standard response is to twinkle his cheekiest look at me, shake his head and say, “Unh unh.” In fact that’s his only “word.” –  “Unh Unh.”

So what I have is a little boy who wants to use the potty, but doesn’t want to use words. I can honestly say that none of the literature on potty training deals with this. He’s not giving me a lot to work with, but he’s certainly continuing in his “one of a kind” ways.