Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

A Cheer and a Boo

In the whole housekeeping/homemaking category I had a major break through and a disappointment in the last week and a half or so and I just can’t help but share these things with you. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a narcissistic compulsion.

Our home here in St. Louis is all hardwood, vinyl and concrete flooring. I really hate carpet, so I was so pleased to hear that I wouldn’t have to deal with any here, but hard surface flooring is difficult to keep grit free. Several of my neighbors recently told me that they purchased Dyson vacuum cleaners, and found that to be the key to floor maintenance.

I was suspicious, and knew there was no way we could afford a Dyson right now, so I put the thought out of my mind, and continued to sweep and swiffer vac the floors. Spring, however, has been kicking my floor maintenance behind. Well, spring and pregnancy.

The mud from the children’s boots/pants/jackets etc. when they play outside gets spread through the entire house faster than I can get to it, and over the last few weeks, sweeping and mopping has kick started contractions 100% of the time. It was getting old. Very quickly. And with every contraction I began thinking, “And next spring there will be THREE pairs of boots/pants/jackets.”

Dyson was still out of the question financially, but I did already own a shop vac, which has much of the same benefits as a Dyson – It is bag less, It is virtually uncloggable, and the only way it loses suction is when the filter is old and dirty. Unfortunately an open tube isn’t such a great tool for vacuuming anything bigger than a few feet long or wide. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered a wide floor brush attachment at Home Depot when I went to pick up a new filter for it! For $7.45 I turned my shop vac into a usable all purpose home vacuum!

I’ve been using it for a week, and it is such a big YAY! It’s loud, I’m sure much louder than a Dyson, but it sucks up ANYTHING, including things my broom and swiffer vac were leaving behind. The only real cons to using the vac are: my kids love the sight and sound of things being sucked up the tube and try to find things to put in front of it and it has a short cord. These things are livable because my children can walk around in their socks now, and it only cost $7.45 to make it happen.

Unfortunately, the same day I found the answer to my floor issues, I came home to a domestic disappointment. When we moved into this apartment, the former tenants left us a red and white checked chair sitting on the porch. It is a great chair and I spent many an hour during the summer sitting in it and watching my children play. My goal when I took possession of it was to re-cover it in oil cloth to make it waterproof, and thereby practical as a long term porch chair. The cost of oil cloth had heretofore prohibited such a move, but I held out hope that I would be able, in some way, to redeem this chair and hold on to it.

Until I came home from Home Depot and found a squirrel sitting on the arm of the chair, doing this to it.

Doesn’t that arm just break your heart? I did mine. It’s certainly fixable, but not for me, not right now. Sigh. Now I’ve just got to find a home for it, with someone who will give it the loving restoration it needs. Anyone interested?