Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

Finally, a Pregnancy Picture at 34 weeks.

So my friend Becky pointed out over supper last week that I don’t post pictures on my blog. I hadn’t consciously stopped posting pictures, but . . . life has just gotten in the way. This is a perfect example.

With the mackerdoodle I posted a pregnancy picture roughly every 4 weeks.  With the cheesedoodle I posted at least six pictures. Here I am, almost at the full term mark, and I’m posting the first pregnant picture. In order to get this picture I went next door and asked my next door neighbor’s mother to take it. Seriously. That’s my neighbor’s living room.

This poor snickerdoodle.

And just because I was curious: I have proven that I just keep getting bigger with each pregnancy. Another reason not to have a fourth pregnancy. I’d throw off the gravity of the earth.


33 weeks with mackerdoodle (and my sister and her two daughters almost 4 years ago)



33 weeks with the Cheesedoodle