Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

The Color of Hope

I know that for my northern BC friends the winter we had in St. Louis would have been short and mild, but for someone who has spent the last 13 winters in Georgia, this has been a long, dreary winter. We had our first snow at Thanksgiving, and our last snow a week ago. The sliding glass doors in my dining room have revealed a scene of lifeless sticks of varying shades of brown for months.

Two days ago I noticed tiny spots of isolated color on those branches.

Today the wild mass of branches looks like it has been lightly washed in green watercolor!

The weather has been warm and pleasant for several days, but I was feeling a little skeptical, as St. Louis has deceived me with false temperature changes before, only to dash my hopes with more freezes, frost, or even snow. Green, however, is a sure sign of the hope of spring. I can feel it thawing my spirit and gently blooming in my soul.