Doesn’t It Always Seem to Go . . .

Mackerdoodle's Birth

A few weeks ago, after looking at the after birth (meaning post-birth, not afterbirth as in placenta) pictures of several of my seminary friends, I decided that what I really wanted was a new pair of pajamas to wear in the hospital when the snickerdoodle makes her appearance.

Cheesedoodle a day old

This is not a new idea. I bought a new night shirt to wear after the mackerdoodle’s birth, but being a complete and total novice to all things baby, I bought something completely impossible for nursing, and too small for a post baby body (I don’t know what I thought I was going to look like.) so it stayed in the bag and didn’t get worn for months (probably almost a year). I bought a shirt to wear for after the cheesedoodle was born, and I did wear it, and it was perfect for nursing, but it was a shirt.  What was I thinking was gong to cover my bottom half? I have no idea. I had to sit in bed covered with the (suddenly aware of how thin) hospital sheet when anyone came to meet my son. It was ridiculous. It did make a much prettier picture, but it was hardly practical.

So this time around I was looking for a set of nursing pajamas that would be (a) cute (b) affordable and (c) modest. I spent two weeks searching the internet for “nursing pajamas,” “nursing sleepwear,” “nursing night wear,” etc. and on and on. What I found fit into three categories:


Sleeveless/Low Cut/Revealing

This was the biggest category. I understand it really. If I was looking for something just for night in my own home with the lights out, I’d be okay with a lot of the pajamas in this category, but I was looking specifically for something for receiving guests in the hospital and possibly the first few days at home. I didn’t want Victoria’s Secret. I wanted to hold onto my secrets, thanks.

2.  Outrageously expensive. I have no intention of spending between $60 and $100 on pajamas. I have never spent that on a single item of clothing in my life, and I’m certainly not doing it at this season, or for this purpose. Plus a lot of those also fit in the immodest category.

3. Cheap. Meaning so thin or flimsy or poorly made that I couldn’t imagine actually wearing them in any circumstance whatsoever. Interestingly these were often also sold out in my size, meaning that a lot of women, having encountered category 1 and 2 eventually ended up settling for #3 in desperation.

Today during Parent’s Morning Out, I got my hair cut. I left the Great Clips with 30 minutes until I needed to pick up the children. I wandered into a TJ Maxx next door and browsed through the pajama rack. Guess what I found? A pair of pajamas that are (a) modest (b) pretty cute and (c) inexpensive. They aren’t “nursing” pajamas, but they’ll certainly serve the purpose. They have elastic waist, loose fitting capri length bottoms and a top loose enough to accommodate my current size, so I’ll have no problem with my immediate post birth body.

Isn’t that the way with life? I spend two weeks looking for something specific, and when I look outside the specific box, I find exactly what I’m looking for. At a discount. So the pajamas are in a bag, beside the snickerdoodle’s “Birthday Girl” gown and I’m one step closer to being ready for her arrival.


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3 responses to “Doesn’t It Always Seem to Go . . .

  • Lollie

    When I saw the pictures for your post I thought “SHE”S HERE!” Haha.
    I’m so glad you found some pjs, perfect!

  • Tera Montgomery

    Yay to new pajamas! Yay to being one step closer!

  • melissa

    I liked having new jammies after my last two kids – Zac came so early I was not prepared at all and with Elsa I was home before I needed them (though they would have been nice there, too.). It made me feel happy – unlike my poor friend who, feeling her lack of pretty/modest apparel to entertain well wishers, asked her husband to pick some up for her. He arrived at the hospital proudly presenting a lovely flannel set – bright red and covered with… COWS. She said she graciously received them then mentioned before her next child that when you most *feel* like a cow, they become much less cute…

    He had a great sense of humour and they told us the story laughing – but I think of them every time someone sets out to get nice jammies for that post-birth dairy stage!.

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