A Giveaway Wrapped in a Survey Surrounded by a Blog Post

Our dear friends Rob and Sherri gave us the gift of Netflix this year, and can I just say what a life saver that was with the kids over this weird and wacky winter? Not only can we receive a couple of DVDs a week, when Jonathan doesn’t need his computer at school, we can stream all sorts of movies and TV shows without limit. (I’d love a Roku so we’re not limited to streaming when Jonathan’s computer is at home. Anyone have any experience with it?) The kids have discovered “old classics” like Blues Clues and The Iron Giant, and newer programs like the Backyardigans and Ni Hao: Kai-Lan.

Very early last semester I laid down the pattern with the mackerdoodle that every other physical DVD arriving in the mail would be a grown up movie, because the expectation became that every time the red envelope appeared in the mailbox it would contain Dora, or My Little Pony or a Disney Princess.

I used my share of the queue to watch the first two seasons of Fringe, three or four episodes at a time. This weekend I finished season 2 (leaving Olivia in the alternate Universe from which I saw her rescued in September. It’s weird to be caught up and still feel behind.) and today I realized that our queue looks like this right now:

  1. Dragon Tales
  2. The Tale of Desperaux
  3. The Wiggles: yummy yummy
  4. Dora the Explorer: Fairy tale adventure

You get the idea.

So I’m throwing the blog open to suggestions. What movies should I add to my queue? What have you seen lately that you think I would love? What about on those rare nights that Jonathan’s home and takes a break from studying for a few hours to let his brain cool off?

Leave a comment here with a movie suggestion and you will be entered to win a coupon for a completely free 20oz Coca Cola product. The giveaway will be open all weekend, and on Monday I’ll have random.org draw a winner from all the suggestions. I will also add the suggested movies to my queue, because that’s the entire point of the exercise, so a comment like, “Oh I love coke!” will be deleted. 🙂 I’m cold that way.

We like most genres (maybe not westerns) and haven’t seen a movie in the theater since Terminator:Salvation so don’t worry about suggesting something we’ve seen. Also feel free to suggest a TV series or mini-series you think we might like. If you have a list, put it all in one comment. The more suggestions, the better.

Thanks for this friends. You will be blessing a (soon to be) nursing mother with evening entertainment while my husband sells chicken and writes papers and learns Hebrew. Not in that order.

(and if you have a comment about Roku, just e-mail that to me. I’m interested to know people’s experiences.)

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15 responses to “A Giveaway Wrapped in a Survey Surrounded by a Blog Post

  • andreajennine

    A lesser-known series we really enjoyed was “Foyle’s War.”

  • Chrissy

    I don’t know if you already watched this but we enjoyed Heroes even though we have not watched the last season. A couple of movie suggestions would be:
    The Stone of Destiny (you can watch this one instantly like Chad and I did for a date night)
    When in Rome
    Masterpiece Classic: Emma
    The Prestige
    Stranger Than Fiction (Chad really liked it)
    Leap Year – cute and predictable but lots of pretty scenery
    Lars and the Real Girl – I did not get to see this one but Chad enjoyed it
    I hope one of these will be something that you enjoy.

  • Josh and Betsy Desch

    OK here’s a few for you! The HBO series John Adams is amazing if you haven’t seen it, as is Band of Brothers- obviously violent but well, well worth your time. We are partial to This is It about Michael Jackson, which you may not like if you’re not a fan, but if you’re even kind of a fan it’s really good!! Inception was good- kind of a mind-bender. Monk is basically my all-time favorite show and you can stream all the seasons on netflix!! Love it!! Oh my dear goodness I could go on- we watch lots of movies. But I guess that’s enough for now. Also as a marriage test you could put Jonathon through the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice- Josh passed with flying colors!! I love that one!

  • mary beth

    Waiting for Superman, docu on education
    The Fog of War, docu on Robert McNamara
    The Cosby Show is on our instant and we love watching that randomly.
    Charlie Wilson’s War
    The Constant Gardner
    Blood Diamond
    I also recommend Inception (like Bets)
    This year’s biggies: 127 hours (tell me how it is, I’m scared to watch it), The Social Network, The Kings Speak comes out in mid April,
    have fun!

  • Jawan

    I just watched THE FIGHTER by myself the other night. It was good but predictable (and lots of foul language).

    I really liked BELLA http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482463/

    HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON was cute and we enjoyed it but might be too scary (dragon/music) for the Doodles.

    Of course, you know we loved LOST but I know how you feel about that….ha!

  • Carole

    I know that Charles Dickens is not your favorite author but BBC does good mini series…both Little Dorrit and Oliver Twist are exceptional

  • Becky Kicklighter

    Psych – TV series; can’t say enough about how much you BOTH will love it.
    Bones – TV series.
    Battlestar Gallactica – TV series
    New in Town (you)
    When in Rome (you)
    Akeela and the Bee (both)
    District 9
    Shaun of the Dead
    Doctor Who (Newer Edition)

  • Jodi

    We have watched all 4 seasons of Friday Night Lights and are waiting for the 5th season to come out. We have “Life as we know it” right now, but it has been sitting here for a week because we are busy getting the house ready to move.

    I did like “When in Rome” Yes it was predictable, but still cute.

    We watch A LOT of Thomas the Train on the instant play option.

    My mind is drawing a blank otherwise. But I can go back and look and let you know.

    Thanks and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    Jodi (Tera’s sister)

    PS. Our youngest sister just had a little boy this morning. 8 lbs 12 oz , 22 inches! Yikes! God Bless her!

  • Tera Montgomery

    Can’t let Jo-Jo outdo me!

    The girls like Word World 🙂 And Dinosaur Train!

    Loran and I really liked Pillars of the Earth which is an Instant Miniseries (I love instant with miniseries, etc.)

    Imagine That was cute (Eddie Murphy)

    The A-Team was kinda fun (Loran loved the TV show)

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    The Last Airbender

    Tooth Fairy (are you a fan of the Rock?)

    The Wolfman?

    The Book of Eli (Loran really liked that)

    Tin Man (SyFy Wizard of Oz miniseries…)

    Body of Lies

    We have pretty eclectic movie tastes too, so if you like any of these, we could recommend more!

  • Kim Crist

    I’m echoing some of the above with my chime-in. 🙂
    Foyles War series-goes from the beginning of Britain’s involvement in WW2 to the end. Wonderfully dry wit from Michael Kitchen.
    Young Victoria-good but not too chick-flicky. Lou really enjoyed it and its a nice PRO-marriage movie!
    Band of Brothers
    Our Mutual Friend Masterpiece Theatre production
    North and South-the BBC movie based on Mary Gaskell’s novel NOT the north/south Civil War film 🙂
    Bleak House
    Weird and Funny British Comedy-
    Mr. Bean’s Holiday (cleaner than his other films)
    Jeeves and Wooster-with a young Hugh Laurie-but terrible filming ala old soap opera style 🙂
    Robin Hood

  • melissa

    We have loved LOVED the Sarah Conner Chronicles this winter. You do have to be quite familiar with the three Terminator movies (notice I didn’t say four? That one has nothing to do with anything else in the franchise) (yeah, I’m bitter). Don’t netflix them, though, we’ll lend you the dvds, if you are interested.

    We have also enjoyed the first three seasons of 24 – thought I’m sure you haven’t been living under the same rock that we have and missed them completely for the last decade, but we like them a lot (first season has a few really scuzzy parts (urgh) but season 2 and 3 have nothing much) and the intensity is right up our alley.

    And that’s what we’ve been watching. For what it’s worth.

  • Chrissy

    Chad said that he did not think that you would enjoy Lars and the Real Girl, but he read Pillars of the Earth and watched it and really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed Band of Brothers and Young Victoria. The Proposal was also cute and Dan In Real Life. We like Big Bang Theory and Chad really likes Chuck and Friday Night Lights( I think that I would like them also I just haven’t seen them).

  • Jawan

    Yes, Dan in Real Life is a hilarious movie!

  • suzanne

    So I know the contest is over and that’s why I’m commenting now. I got so stressed thinking of making the “perfect” list when there was a coke on the line! AAH! I think I’m absolutely crazy. Anyway, here are my suggestions, now completely stress-free 🙂 And if you either decide not to watch them or watch them and don’t like them I will not be offended in the least 🙂

    Parks and Recreation (TV, Netflix instant)
    Ugly Betty (TV, Netflix instant)
    Cake Boss (TV reality, Netflix instant)
    Eat, Pray, Love (movie, instant)

    Many PBS documentaries, usually American Experience, such as (usually not instant):
    A House Divided (Abe Lincoln)
    Lyndon Johnson

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (movie, instant)
    The Pursuit of Happyness
    Charlie Wilson’s War
    Walk the Line

    And probably a lot more and I’ll add to the list (probably just tell you in person!) as I come across things I love. Of those things, I probably loved the PBS documentaries the most (NERD ALERT!!!).

  • suzanne

    P.S. We do not have a Roku, but we do have a device that allows us to stream Netflix instantly to our TV and let me tell you, it is amazing. We’d only done that once on our computer and I wasn’t so impressed, but now we hardly get the DVDs in the mail because we just watch so much of it instantly. And we really don’t watch much regular TV anymore, either. (Yes, I have really enjoyed my glass of Kool Aid, thankyouverymuch.)

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