Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

A Winner!

Congratulations Chrissy. Your free Coke is on the way, and everyone’s suggestions are in our queue. I’ll let y’all know what we think.


A Bit Topsy Turvey

We have a tradition in our family: make sure that the weeks before our children are due to be born are as hectic as possible. About the same time we discovered our snickerdoodle was being knit together, Jonathan also learned that his Chick-Fil-A operator was being given the chance to open a brand new free standing restaurant. The grand opening was scheduled for the last week in March – a full month from baby # 3’s scheduled arrival.

Then the winter was CRAZY strange and construction kept getting held up by snow, ice, cold and general winterness.

The new grand opening is: April 14th.

That’s eleven days from the snickerdoodle’s estimated download date.

Today Jonathan began the training schedule, meaning he’s working from 9 am to 1 pm with one shift and then from 4 pm to 6 pm with another. He’s working Thursday, Friday and Saturday doing promotion for the store and then Wednesday through Saturday next week for Grand Opening and Thursday, Friday, Saturday the next week because it’s a long weekend, in a new store. If you compare that with a calendar, you’ll know that takes us right up to the due date.

So while I am feeling large and slightly water buffalo like right now,every time I have a contraction I am actually praying for a (gasp) overdue baby. What would be very convenient is if I went into labor about 7:30 am on Wednesday, April 27th. We could drop the children at Parent’s Morning Out (only a block from the hospital) at 8:30, then check-in, deliver by 10:30, so Jonathan can pick up the children by 11:00 when PMO is finished, and bring them by to meet their sister.

I’m thinking reality is likely to be a little more topsy turvey. I mean, by now it’s a tradition. 🙂