In Which the Gospel Transcends the Awkward

Here is a portion of a conversation I had yesterday:

Him: And what about that sermon on Passive Unbelief? Fantastic!
Me: Yeah. That was a home run! Of course, we haven’t heard a bad sermon.
Him: He really has an ability to communicate the deep things of the word in a way that even the newest believer can hold onto. You’re 37 inches. Right on track.
Me: And his sermons are all gospel at the heart.
Him: Who was that preacher who said, and I’m paraphrasing, I am a great sinner and I have a great Savior? Oh you’re very posterior.
Me: Yeah. I know. Newton.
Him: Yes. Newton. Mark is driven in the same way as Newton. The gospel, but deep. ( No significant change.)
Me: Because the gospel gets deeper the more we walk with the Lord.
Him: Amen.

So if you didn’t catch the clues, that was a conversation I had about our pastor’s preaching in the midst of a weekly cervical exam. Uh yeah.

My OB is an elder at our church and a few weeks ago I had a couple of women ask me how I could see my doctor at church on Sunday and not feel awkward. I guess this is the answer. He’s passionate about the things of the Lord and our church, and so am I so when I go into my exam it’s more like seeing him at church rather than seeing him at church is like the awkwardness of an exam.

This is one more example of the beauty of the body of Christ, and another reason we’re excited about being where the Lord has planted us as our seminary church home. (and you can click the link above to listen to the sermon. It really was yet another home run.)


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One response to “In Which the Gospel Transcends the Awkward

  • Lollie

    That is really cool:)
    If your baby is posterior you might want to get on your hands and knees and do some pelvic rocking. I know not an easy task at this point, but delivering a posterior baby is just no fun, not at all. Now delivering an anterior That is easy, peasy (if you can call anything about labour easy). My baby #3 and 4 were anterior! They were my easiest and fastest deliveries!! I was in pushing stage for like 3mins! I will pray your little Doodle turns to the best position! This link it to an article about encouraging baby to turn:)

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