Five Things I Will, And Will Not, Miss About Pregnancy

As this pregnancy draws to an end, and I look at the growing pile of maternity clothing into which I can no longer squeeze my significant body, I am embracing this idea of having completed this season of my life. Don’t get me wrong! I am so abundantly thankful for the three little miracles in my life, and wouldn’t trade any of them for a stretch-mark free body, but the idea of moving beyond this stage is also appealing.

That being said, there are some really neat things about pregnancy that I have enjoyed, and will probably miss. So here is my list of the 5 things I will not miss, and the 5 things I will miss about being pregnant.

I will NOT miss:

  1. vomit, nausea, food aversions, heartburn and all other digestive related malfunctions
  2. the inability to bend over while simultaneously breathing.
  3. maternity clothes. Everything about them.
  4. contractions, exhaustion and aches
  5. being unable to play and wrestle and chase my kids

I WILL miss:

  1. the kicks and rolls and continuous movements
  2. nursing (I know, not pregnancy, but I’ll miss it when it’s over)
  3. the anticipation of the unknowns of a new life
  4. medically advised bed time snacks
  5. the absence of cycles.

So there you go. My thoughts on passing out of this season of life and into another.

I remember back in the first days of the blog, when we were riding the roller coaster of miscarriage, thinking what a blessing it was to just be able to say that I had been pregnant. That is so much truer now than it was then. In the midst of the discomfort and the inconvenience and the frustration at my own limitations, I am still in awe that the Lord has seen fit to give me these amazing years of back to back pregnancies after so many years of barrenness. I look at my children in complete amazement at the vibrant little beings the Lord knit together for me and I honestly believe that the heartache of waiting, and the heart break of loss and the heartburn of pregnancy is all completely worth it for the treasures I will spend the rest of my living investing in the Kingdom.


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3 responses to “Five Things I Will, And Will Not, Miss About Pregnancy

  • Tera Montgomery

    Beautiful. Simply.

  • suzanne

    Coralie, I completely agree with you on everything. Though I have not experienced the pain of being barren, even for a season, I still understand your last paragraph (in a slightly different way than you, of course). And the *only* thing I was hoping for this time but won’t be the case is getting rid of little boy clothes. As I grow out of maternity clothes I get excited about the fact that I don’t plan to pack them away, but I plan to give them away. If this little one had been a girl I could have gathered a great big pile of little boy clothes to give away at the same time! But… I have the blessing of not having to spend money on a whole new set of clothing that’s pink and purple 🙂

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