In Which I Channel Star Trek and Wave My Geek Flag Just a Little.

In every episode of Star Trek (original generation) the Enterprise encounters some sort of mechanical challenge or needs to escape from some especially vile villain, and Captain Kirk coms engineering begging Scotty For. More. Power. Scotty invariably responds with, “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” By the next commercial break, however, Scotty has managed to work a miracle and pull just enough more out of the warp core to enable the Enterprise to make a miraculous escape.

At the beginning of last week I felt like at the slightest demand of energy, my body would say to me, “I’m giving you all I’ve got, Captain,” and like Kirk (this may well be the only time I compare myself to Cpt. Kirk EVER.) it wasn’t enough. I still had one task I wanted to complete before the baby arrived and it wasn’t a super small one either. I really needed my warp core operating at peak efficiency for another few days before shutting down all systems but life support and basic propulsion. (Is the metaphor wearing thin? Sorry.) I wanted to move Jonathan’s study into the toy room and the toy room into the study.

I know. You’re thinking, “Why? What’s the urgency?”

The reason is two-fold: first, the study is also functioning as our guest bedroom and when my parents come in the first week of May to meet their newest (and last, unless my sister has a surprise birth event) grandchild they will bring a fold out couch with them as our guest bed. As I began to look at the room, I realized that there really wasn’t enough room for everything plus a couch and there really wouldn’t be any room to fold out that couch.

Secondly, I cycle the children’s toys, putting a portion of them away for periods of time, so that when they come back out it’s like having new toys. I had left the current toys out longer than usual because I thought bringing out “new” toys right before a baby comes might be a good idea. Packing up the current sets and taking out the old ones is like moving, so if I was going to change the rooms out, that would be the time to do it.

Finally, I got more bookshelves, because Megan is moving to Oklahoma, and I put them in the toy room because there was no room for them in the study. (see “first” above)

Those bookshelves mocked me emptily for four days, sitting in the middle of the toy room floor with my kids using them for obstacle course practice and hide and seek. It seemed that just looking at them gave me contractions and I would begin the day with great intentions of doing something, but end it with the sound of the bookshelves’ laughter echoing in my ears.

Then, on Friday morning Scotty worked his magic. The warp core came on-line. I didn’t hurt all over. I got off my ever growing duff and started by moving some paper. Once I got started, the doodles began to pitch in. They carried every book they could reach from one room to the other, stacking them on the new book shelves which I had moved against a wall. The mackerdoodle sang “Stacking, stacking, who doesn’t love stack-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G” repeatedly as she trotted back and forth between the two rooms.

By Saturday, the former toy room was a study, with a clear wall just waiting for a couch, and even some empty shelves, meaning I could ask Jonathan to bring those last few boxes of books up from the basement! The toys are in the other room, and the doodles played together in that room for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon without so much as a “MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Help ME!” or a scream of protest.

Today I’m back to hurting when I sit, stand, lie down, roll over, play dead – oh wait, maybe not that last one – but it doesn’t matter. All I have to do between now and when the baby comes is basic housekeeping maintenance – dishes, vacuuming, laundry. That can be performed on the “life support and basic propulsion” setting to which I have been temporarily reduced, and I don’t care any more.

I don’t Need. More. Power.

I would be happy to unload my cargo bay, however. 🙂


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2 responses to “In Which I Channel Star Trek and Wave My Geek Flag Just a Little.

  • melissa

    Hah! You make me smile.

  • bkickin

    I have been saving this post until I had quiet moments so I could really enjoy it all. I didn’t know that 5:15AM would be the quiet time (drat) but, man, it was worth the wait. I read it outloud to Jeremy and I was laughing so hard I was crying. He couldn’t breathe and when I read the last part about your “cargo bay” he literally doubled over! You. Are. Awesome.

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