The Beginning of our Family Birthday Season

Jonathan’s birthday kicks off a run of birthdays for our family. He’s in mid-April, his mother (and soon the snickerdoodle) is late April, the cheesedoodle is the beginning of June, I’m the beginning of July, my dad is the middle of July, and finally my mom and the mackerdoodle are the beginning of August. There are some other family members in there too, so it’s sort of an active four months for us.

Anyway, Jonathan kicks it all off, and after learning the hard way that he likes his birthdays quiet, we have a family celebration. This year especially, after working more than 50 hours at the Chick-Fil-A grand opening the week before, all Jonathan wanted in celebration was a quiet meal at home with the family. In fact his requests for his birthday were: lamb, a good salad (not one from a bag), black forest cake and a better translation of Calvin’s Institutes. Really. So I looked after the food, and thanks to the generosity of my parents he also got the last item on his list.

The mackerdoodle was skeptical that this was his true birthday desire. She suggested to me while making his birthday card that maybe he would like a pinata, or a party at the church with everybody. She was consoled when I told her she could help me make the cake.

Its Black Forest Cake . . .

. . . and we helped.

They really did help, actually. The cheesedoodle emptied the ingredients into the bowl, and the mackerdoodle stirred until it was time for me to use the beater. What you don’t see in this picture is Jonathan standing just behind me with a suspicious chocolate ring around his mouth and fingers too. I mean, that’s the best part about baking the cake at home, right?

The meal turned out really well, the cake (which according to my research wasn’t a real black forest cake because I couldn’t find any cherry liqueur) was a big hit and we were able to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday the way he likes it, with no hoopla, no pinata, just great food and family time.


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