Praising Him in the Storm

A little more than four years ago, before the mackerdoodle was born, before so much of what defines my life right now even began, I wrote a blog post about how we had survived a series of storms and tornadoes that swept across the South.  Today I am writing to tell you the same thing about the storms that met in St. Louis.

On Friday night two super cells formed east of St. Louis county. One was right above Jonathan’s new Chick-Fil-A, the second was further south. Each of the cells spawned several tornadoes as they traveled toward St. Louis county and city.

One passed only miles north of us, doing the damage to Lambert Airport that you’re probably seeing on your news today. It also destroyed several residential neighborhoods, including the house of a fellow seminary student and his pregnant wife. They are safe and healthy, but temporarily displaced right in the midst of final class projects for his last semester.

The second passed to the south of us, also damaging neighborhoods and spawning tornadoes.

Both storm cells met each other miles east of our home and continued to sweep toward first the city and then Illinois.

Because of the way the storms traveled, our little seminary apartment sat in a protected storm-free wedge. We didn’t even get strong winds – just a lot of rain. Once more we are praising the Lord for his deliverance for our little family, understanding, of course, that even if we had woken up to devastation it would also have been the Lord’s plan for His glory and our good.


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  • suzanne

    One of our church families lost their home. And what makes it even more difficult is that this family is two girls–one in high school, one in college–who lost their beautiful, Godly, young mother to cancer in November. I am heartbroken for them and the seminary family we know, but I’m glad that in both cases they have loving, caring people surrounding them, helping both physically and to lift them up to the Lord.

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