So Much Good

Jonathan had exams earlier this week (got A’s by the way!) so he changed his schedule to work on Friday and Saturday. Friday morning I woke up to the smell of bacon. Jonathan got up with the children, cooked breakfast, made coffee and let me sleep, all before going in for a 12 hour work shift! My husband rocks!

In the early afternoon FedEx pulled up in front of my house with a package from one of our friends in Georgia. (I honestly believe that one of Donna’s spiritual gifts is choosing perfect gifts.) Along with the pictured monogrammed bunny for the snickerdoodle (her first stuffed animal) there was this for the other two doodles:

The Cheesedoodle wore his for FOUR hours!

plus some super cute matching outfits for all three doodles.

For supper yesterday evening one of my neighbors brought me sushi! Seriously. She brought smoked salmon rolls and tuna rolls, a tube of prepared wasabi to go with it and homemade cookies. I had my fill, the children had their fill, and there was enough leftover for Jonathan to eat his fill when he got home from work at midnight.

Just as the snickerdoodle was just settling into an evening meal, I got a text from Jonathan. One of the employees at the restaurant had used his keys for some task, and then tucked the keys in his pocket, and left at the end of the shift. Jonathan was at the store with the van, but without any keys with which to drive said van. Not one, but two of the guys here in my neighborhood instantly, and cheerfully, offered to take Jonathan our spare key at 10:00 pm. Obviously only one needed to go, and he had left by the time the second called to say, “I’m putting on my shoes right now.”

This morning, a different neighbor, who has a 4 or 5 week old baby and is moving in two weeks, took the time to bring us cinnamon rolls and watermelon for breakfast because our supper meal calendar was full.

This is just a snapshot view into my life. I am so blessed to be so loved and cared for by so many (and diverse) people.


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