16 Years of Blessing

It’s our 16th anniversary today. We played it low key. Jonathan’s finished with school until Hebrew starts on June 6th and he had today off work. So we took the kids to the zoo this morning, and this afternoon Jonathan took them (all three of them) down to the swings at the end of the street and I was able to vacuum my floor!  Hallelujah! Happy Anniversary to me! (That’s not sarcasm. I was really delighted!)

Tomorrow some neighbors are going to watch our kids in the afternoon while Jonathan and I go out for lunch using a gift card we were given months ago.  It’s the perfect sort of celebration for a 16th anniversary at seminary with a newborn.

16 years ago Jonathan promised me that we would do something big for our tenth anniversary. (because the kids would be old enough to leave by then. HA!) Instead, Jonathan left his youth ministry position just before our ninth anniversary and we didn’t start teaching until three months after our tenth anniversary. So not exactly in the place to do “big”.  We decided we’d do it on our fifteenth. (Because it wasn’t like we were going to have kids by then, anyway. HA!) Instead, for our fifteenth we came to seminary.

Last week I was telling one of our neighbors (actually, the ones watching our older doodles tomorrow while Jonathan and I go out for lunch) that maybe we’d aim for the 25th. Because it’s not like our kids will be old enough to throw us a big party. He advised me that maybe we should just stop making plans for future anniversaries, as there seems to be major life changes every time we make plans like that. I think he may be right. I think after eleven anniversaries of praying for children, I am enormously content with 50 or so anniversaries of low key family days.

Happy 16th anniversary babe. Thank you Lord for all of the blessings these last 16 years have held.


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7 responses to “16 Years of Blessing

  • Corinna Groom

    Happy Anniversary! Blessings to you both and your sweet family for the next 50!

  • Juniper Christgau


    I appreciate your post…I can really identify with low key landmarks! Its all about taking the journey in stride. I’m the first to admit that I do harbor visions of grandeur on romantic occasions! But like you, as a busy mom and wife to a full-time student, its the simple blessings that hold the most value.

    Many blessings,

  • Jawan

    Too bad there wasn’t another Terminator movie out.

  • Tera Montgomery

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple!!

  • Carole

    Tera is correct..you are indeed a wonderful couple. I admit to a heavy bias of course, Who wouldn’t be with a daughter and son-in law like you ? Pleased that you had a good day enjoying your family

  • Carole

    Dad and I are planning ahead..if The Lord wills we would like to look after the doodles for your next anniversary

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