A Month has Passed in a Blink and a Blur



And that’s the snickerdoodle’s life right now. Well, with eating and pooping interspersed.

It seems like a moment and a thousand years ago that the mackerdoodle was this age. Here are some sibling comparisons, if you’re the kind who likes such a thing.

Snickerdoodle - 1 month

Mackerdoodle - 1 month

Cheesedoodle - 1 month

Mackerdoodle - 46 months, Cheesedoodle - 23 months, Snickerdoodle - 1 month


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5 responses to “A Month has Passed in a Blink and a Blur

  • Lollie

    Wow the Snickerdoodle has a lot of hair! She reminds me of my 3rd baby, so much hair!!

  • Carole

    gorgeous photos..would love to have a wallet photo of the awake shot

  • melissa

    Ohhh, I want to kiss her. Well, all of you. Except Jonathan. No offense.

    ( I really, really think you have beautiful kids!)

  • Marianne

    Love!! I have no brilliance or poetic splendor. You just have really beautiful kids, Coralie. You’re so blessed.

  • Melinda

    do you remember when we took pictures of our babies laying on a blanket next to our littler babies… all in their diapers? you should do one with the three of your babies laying next to each other… they are beautiful Cor…beautiful…

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