Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

This Is Too Good Not To Blog

Okay, the snickerdoodle had an ultrasound on her hips today. If you remember, the goal is 65 degrees on each socket. She was 44 and 50 when she was born and her hips completely dislocated when moved manually.

Today – 5 weeks later – her hips are 66 and 64 degrees and completely stable. She’s in a new harness with adjustment marks on it, so that I can adjust it myself as she grows, and I have a schedule to wean her off the harness! She gets an extra hour each day for the next two weeks, until she’s only in it for 12 hours at night. She’ll stay at 12 hours for a week and a half, and then have a final evaluation and BE DONE!

Assuming nothing reverts in the next 4 weeks, we’ll be harness free by the last week of June!



Why I May Not Blog In the Next Few Days

The McGinnises have come to play and we are too busy having fun to get on the computer. 🙂