Why I May Not Blog In the Next Few Days

The McGinnises have come to play and we are too busy having fun to get on the computer. 🙂


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4 responses to “Why I May Not Blog In the Next Few Days

  • vic cowan

    Wow – the pictures are GREAT! She looks exactly like the Cowan kids at her age – guess we have to get the pictures out and organized so you can compare.

    Thanks for posting what you do – you are doing so very well – wish we could drop by too but that won`t happen for awhile – Enjoy your visit! Love Mum and Dad

  • Carole

    Have a wonderful time together..love the pics..esp the 2 girls, and Jaiwan and baby.

  • melissa

    YAY! Have a wonderful time with wonderful friends!! (And have I mentioned how cute she is? Man.)

  • Becky

    The oldest doodle – mackerdoodle, that’s right, looks like she is in heaven. Jawan does too. Mitch looks old 🙂 Can’t wait for Friday night!

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