The Beauty of the Kingdom of God

A couple of my favorite people . . .

Last week was a convergence of some of my favorite people from a lot of different parts of my life intersecting here on our seminary world. It was a week long celebration of the amazing relationships that the Lord has given us.

There are too many words to describe the week, and just no words at all to tell how much we enjoyed it all. I’ve spent two days trying to write about it, and in the end the words can’t capture the beauty of the week and the relationships that all intersected here in a period of a few days.

Mitch and Jawan were here for 6 days. Mitch is our GA pastor, and the man who told Jonathan in October of 2008  that he should go to Covenant Seminary.

Wlikerson, McGinnis, Cowan - 10 children age 15 to newborn (and Jonathan)

Sherri Wilkerson and her 4 children were here for one night. Sherri’s husband, Rob, was our pastor before Mitch, although there were three pastorless years between them. Because I love both Sherri and Jawan so much, they became “cyber friends” and met in person for the first time last week in my St. Louis apartment.

Sherri stayed the night with Bliss and Chad, a couple we didn’t know a year ago who have become some of our closest seminary friends.






Kicklighters, Cowans, McGinnises

Friday night the  Kicklighters came for dinner. The McGinnises and the Kicklighters go way back – to before they were “the Kicklighters” and “theMcGinnises” Because Jawan loves me and loves Becky we became cyber friends while I was still in Georgia, met in person a year ago and now go to church together. The Kicklighters are now some of our favorite people




Me, Elizabeth and Jawan

On Saturday, our friend Elizabeth flew in to St.Louis. We knew Elizabeth in Georgia, but now she lives in Virginia and visited us in Missouri. She’s actually become a closer friend since we’ve been further away from each other, so it was fun to see her again here and in person.

Elizabeth and the McGinnises came to church with us, as did Chad and Bliss  (the Kicklighters are there every Sunday) and Jonathan’s General Manager from Chick-Fil-A, because our snickerdoodle was baptized.



Our current pastor is another of our favorite people

Those words, while informative, can’t tell you any of the important things about the  week, the events, or the people. It doesn’t tell you how full my heart was to be continually surrounded with people who have been – and continue to be – such a blessing to me. It doesn’t include the  laughter, the long discussions about the things of God, the reminiscing of the past and the plans for the future. It doesn’t include how precious it was to see people I love and cherish learn to love each other.

In the end I just have to hit “post” and trust you to understand that sometimes a thousands words still can’t do justice to a moment. Last week was filled with such moments.


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