Taming of the Hair

One of the things women often appreciate about pregnancy/breast-feeding hormones is the thick, glossy, luxurious mane of hair it produces. There are entire chapters in pregnancy and early child care books about dealing with the inevitable postpartum hair loss that comes somewhere between the 4th and 6th month for most nursing mothers, and the disappointment that comes with that.

I, on the other hand, have thick hair when not under the influence of hormonal happy hour, so over these last five years (remarkable!) that I have been alternately pregnant and nursing, my hair has, in some moments, achieved levels of lunacy! At times I fear it will become sentient and launch a presidential bid. It would, of course, never stand a chance against Trump’s hair, but lately it has been bold enough to try.

It is summer here in St.Louis and the temperatures and humidity are high, my hair is thick and my patience is wearing thin. Do I grow it out so that I can wear it up and off my neck, or do I cut it short and have to carve out pieces of both budget and time to keep it that way? I’ll probably just wait it out until my hair,with the rest of me, can recover from the hormone hurdles and we can all get acquainted with our mild-mannered alter egos again.

In the meantime,  if my hair shows up at your door with lawn signs and campaign buttons, just throw some conditioner on it until it is subdued and give me a call.


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10 responses to “Taming of the Hair

  • Diane Madore

    You are just like me-I have enought hair to give 10 people. What I really wanted to tell you and Jonathan is that Sarah left today for her first Centifuge-that’s right, Sarah is officially in the youth group. She made middle school cheerleading and will enter the 7th grade in August. The trip is in Mobile at the University of Mobile-can you believe it!!!

  • Peggy

    I’ve always had too much hair. In dry climates, I know how to handle it. In humid ones, it roughly resembles Monica Geller’s hair in The One in Barbados. Since moving to Ontario, I’ve been alternating between “CUT IT OFF!” and “I can just wear braids all summer right?”

  • KA

    I am with Peggy! The humidity here is unforgiving with thick (and add to that curly) hair. So I am growing mine out so I can wash, slather with “toussle me
    Softly” mousse and go, or clip it up. Easy peasy!

  • Jawan

    Do you know how much you make me laugh? I mean, who compares their hair to happy hour and political bidding? You are gifted with a way of words that make people smile when they read them. In regards to your hair, I vote to just let it grow and put it up in order to keep out of the budget…unless you find some kind soul in the neighborhood to cut it for free…..Moriah?

  • Lollie

    LOL! Love your hair rendition:)

  • Debby Bolton

    From one who has endured the hair war for a number of years more than you, Coralie–I am her to tell you that your hair may thin out a bit someday, but not necessarily where you want it to thin. Thus, I finally had to quit trying to grow out my bangs. And I have quit coloring my hair for good–I think. I am now back to dark blondish / light brown with silver highlights. And the short hair is gone. For good? I am still thinking about that. Meanwhile, claw clips work really well on a hot day.

  • Carole

    You are priceless….!!!!!
    ..By the way I have always loved your hair.(except maybe the red rinse just before your sister’s wedding )

  • andreajennine

    Very clever! I, too, had crazy pregnancy hair; it got so thick I could barely get a hairband around it. The process of losing all that extra was equally ridiculous. I was very glad when my version of hair normalcy returned.

  • Debby Bolton

    Just too OLD to remember pregnancy hair–pre or post–everyone’s comments are very interesting. Coralie, you are priceless. I am so glad you are doing this blog

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