The Slow Return of Normalcy

Yesterday Bliss and the boys came over for dinner. We take turns hosting on evenings when our husbands are at Hebrew and then go directly to work. The children get a break in their day, we get adult conversation, and everyone’s happy.

Tonight a couple from our small group at church came over to grill. We have a grill. They don’t. We like their company. They wanted to grill. It was a good deal for all involved. We grilled red meat, which we ate without apology, and discussed all manner of things, from History (they are both Church History doctoral candidates. I was the dumbest person in the room.) to Theology to ecclesiology and polity to the TV show Frasier and salad recipes.

As I was mopping the floor this afternoon, preparing for their arrival, I realized that while my house is clearly decorated in Early Childhood, it did not take that long to get ready for guests. I wasn’t freaking out about the house, I wasn’t in a panic because I had spent the morning running errands. When the snickerdoodle needed to eat, I was able to feed her until she was full without feeling like the clock was running down on me.

I feel like life is getting back to normal and I like it.


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