Daily Archives: June 28, 2011

Milestones, Discoveries and “Panda”monium.

In her VBS shirt, ready to go.

Last week was the mackerdoodle’s first experience with Vacation Bible School. As you can tell from the look on her face, it was a HUGE success.

I already posted about the cheesedoodle’s first x-ray experience, but what I didn’t know, until late Tuesday afternoon, is that the mackerdoodle had been jealous of his “good fortune” if one can call a severe sprain on a toddler “good.”

The only reason I was able to discover this jealousy is that both older doodles had their first visit to the dentist and being almost four the mackerdoodle had teeth x-rays performed. Being only two, the cheesedoodle did not.

All the way home I heard “I got x-rays of my teeth.” “[Cheesedoodle] got x-rays of his feet, I got x-rays of my teeth.” “He didn’t get x-rays of his teeth.”

Indeed. The x-ray tally in the doodles is all tied up, if you include the snickerdoodle’s hip ultrasounds. Good for them. They also have healthy teeth, which is a little more to the point.

It was an interesting week in more ways than just radioactive imaging. While the mackerdoodle LOVED VBS (Panda Mania was the theme) by Saturday she was completely exhausted. I realized that while I have been wondering about her social and academic abilities for the timing of enrolling her in school, I hadn’t considered her physical abilities. Just what I needed: another consideration in the mix.

"God showed His great big love by sending Christ to die for us, while we were still sinners."

In other firsts, Jonathan and I were first time gushing church parents, when the mackerdoodle joined the other VBS kids in singing for the congregation this Sunday. I took pictures. And video. And smiled encouragingly through the entire thing. It was one of those parent moments that I had looked forward to for so many years, and when it came it was so different, and so much better than I had ever imagined it would be.

Yes. I know how that sounds. Sorry.