Glimpses of Glory

When we celebrate the Lord’s supper at church the children in Children’s worship return to the service to sit with their parents and observe the sacrament. They observe, but they do not partake, and in sharing the experience, but not the table, we teach our children that while they are members of this visible church body, they are not in Christ, not sharers in His suffering, until He makes them so. It is one of the ways we preach the gospel to our covenant children.

This last Sunday was the mackerdoodle’s first Sunday as an observer. She came down the center aisle to join us in our pew with the eager look she always wears when approaching a new experience. She settled herself between Jonathan and I, and turned her face toward her father, knowing immediately that he was the one to interpret the sights and sounds.

I sat, cradling the snickerdoodle, and watched their two heads bent together as my husband used the bread and the cup to preach the gospel to our beautiful, much prayed for, first-born.

I saw, in that moment, the cycle of life that is the continuing and eternal Church. I saw a father teaching his daughter in the prayerful hope that she will one day be his sister in the kingdom. I prayed that our family will all be able one day to share in this sacrament as a testimony that we are all sharing in Christ.


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3 responses to “Glimpses of Glory

  • suzanne

    I’ve enjoyed having Nathan with us during communion several Sundays this summer. And your post is timely considering Jimmy and I have been discussing (between ourselves and others) paedocommunion for several weeks now.

  • Jawan

    Loved reading this…it’s sweet to explain to our kids when they come back to witness the Supper every month at church. We have to have another conversation at home before or after the sacrament since Mitch is never in the pew with me….he explains it much better than me. Aren’t we blessed with wise husbands!!!!

  • Corinna Groom

    A beautiful picture. I loved reading this too. No greater joy than to preach the gospel to our covenant children.

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