Baby Steps Back to Better Habits

Today I made orange cranberry scones and cooked, shredded and froze two chickens. The snickerdoodle is almost not a newborn any more (my word, when did THAT happen?!?) and as I feel parts of my life beginning to flow back after the stagnant slough of pregnancy, I am re-establishing habits of my life in Georgia. I wondered, as I picked cooked chicken from its carcass and pulled it apart to increase its bulk, why I had lost the “slower food” approach to feeding my family.

The mackerdoodle’s healing from her milk allergy certainly freed me up from the necessity of slower food, as I posted shortly after that discovery, we held on to much of the food habits developed during that time.

It can’t be blamed exclusively on pregnancy either, as I was able to not only cook, but learn to cook, while pregnant with the cheesedoodle.

In the end I have to say that while those two events contributed to my culinary laziness, it was really the move that sealed it. I was in someone else’s kitchen for six weeks, and then hardly settled into my own when I discovered the presence of the snickerdoodle. I didn’t know where to buy things. I didn’t have the same space, or equipment, to do things in the same way as I had done them in Georgia. So because I no longer had the necessity, and was increasingly lacking the stomach and energy, I fell back into bad habits.

I hope to rectify that, and I think today shows that I am making baby steps in the  right direction.


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