When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

Some times you get to the end of the day and think, “Oh. Wow. That wasn’t how I thought that was going to go.”

Sometimes it’s something good, like an unexpected call from a dear friend, or the discovery of a new friend, or finding money in a pair of old jeans, or finding that a pair of old jeans fit you again.

Sometimes it’s not.

Today it’s not.

I won’t go into the details, because the details themselves aren’t really the point. It’s more the cumulative affect of me coming to 5:30 this evening and realizing that everything I had set out to accomplish today had gone wrong in some way. I was eventually able to achieve all but one of my tasks for the day, and none of the problems I encountered were as a natural consequence of poor choices or decisions on my part.


Everything I touched seem to turn to excrement.

I had a choice.

I could sit down on the couch and cry and tell my kids to go away somewhere.

Or I could embrace the direction the day had taken and vow to try again tomorrow.

“No baths tonight!” I announced. “Who wants a second dessert?” There may have been a minor sonic boom, because the cheesedoodle’s hand shot up at close to the speed of sound. “Who wants to sleep in their clothes?” was the next question and surprisingly both kids pointed at me, laughing at the suddenly fun mama who had erupted into their lives. We still brushed teeth, because, honestly, I’m still a mama, but we had two bed time stories a piece. I carried each of them to their beds. We sat and talked before we did our prayers and even when the mackerdoodle called me back to her bed thirteen times after lights out (I counted) it really didn’t matter, because I had just given in to the day.

I feel better now and I’ve learned a valuable lesson. When life gives me lemons, sometimes I need to quit trying so hard to make lemonade. In the scheme of things, lemons themselves aren’t so bad.

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3 responses to “When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

  • melissa

    See, this is why you are a better mama than me. I, at the end of such a day, generally growl through dinner, baths and family worship then send everyone to bed. Early. And I even like lemons.

  • Carole

    me too..my response would have been far different….good for you, you are such a FUN mama

  • Becky

    Just now reading this. It made me think, “I love Coralie.”

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