An Ode to a Book

I have been enjoying ebooks for quite some time now and was delighted to find a super deal on a 2nd hand Nook online a few months ago. I love being able to carry four books, a study bible and a sudoku game in the front pocket of my diaper bag. I love being able to read in bed propping up only a single tablet, instead of a book. I really love that the e-ink pages on the Nook look like a real book and the books for it are significantly cheaper than paper books (often classics are free.) I am a fan of reading, not, in fact, a fan of books themselves.

That being said, if one hypothetically left a physical book outside and it endured a thunderstorm, or was run over by a lawnmower (not that either of those have ever happened to books I ever owned. ahem.) you are out of hand a single book.

If, however, one were to hypothetically leave a Nook in a hot car and the screen cracked, all of those books, plus the study bible and sudoku game, while still being owned and in fact being undamaged themselves, are suddenly rendered unreadable and thereby useless.


And it comes to my attention once again that technology, while often convenient, can rarely trump the classic application it is attempting to mimic.


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