A Strange, But Heartfelt, Prayer Request

There is one apartment in our neighborhood unrented for the upcoming school year. It is right next door to us and will be vacated at the end of August. We will miss the neighbors who live there now but are so excited to see what the Lord will do in and through them in their new adventures on the eastern seaboard.

All of the little girls close in age to my mackerdoodle moved away this summer, and while she plays well with the little boys, sometimes a girl just needs someone who cares that her flip flops sparkle. You know it’s true.

Could you pray for a 4 year old girl to move into the apartment next door? It’s a strange request, and improbable as the end of August is an unlikely time for anyone to move in to our neighborhood. But God is the God of strange and improbable, and he asks us to bring our requests before him because he cares for us – even the need to have our sparkly flip flops appreciated.


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6 responses to “A Strange, But Heartfelt, Prayer Request

  • Sarah

    I will totally pray for that.

  • Jawan

    OH, I wish it were us coming for the DMIN program! Then, I could be enamored by your new sandals and Abigail could drool over Mackerdoodle’s flip flaps.

  • Debby Bolton

    I don’t think this is a strange prayer at all. Our pastor spoke on Luke 11:1-13 last night; and he reminded me how much God cares about our prayers. This passage emphasizes that God is our loving Father, and that we should ask. God wants us to come to Him, just like we want our children to come to us–only, unlike human parents who get tired or don’t want to be bothered when they are busy (sometimes)–He is just a prayer away. I know God cares. “He careth for [me]you.” 1 Peter 5:7b I’m praying for you and Jonathon.

  • bkickin

    I’ll pray. And just know that Mackerdoodle has a friend at our house who would LOVE to wax eloquent about each sparkle on her flip flops. KB has a real love for flip flops, I tell you.

  • Rebe McReynolds

    I love this request…we miss Moriah and your whole family very much! Myla and I will be praying…sparkly shoes…yes, it’s so true. Even I need someone to talk with who cares about my “sparkly shoes”.
    Your friend,

  • Debby Bolton

    So true, we females do need someone to appreciate our sparkly shoes with us.

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